A Party for Dogs!

Prescott gave a party for dogs, Mom!

Well, not really a party, said Emmy. It was the 35th annual Phippen Western Art Show. More than 150 of Arizona's greatest Western artists were there.

I guess that's why everyone yelled "Nooooo!" when I squatted on the burlap floor in Cathy Munson's tent. I was confused; after all, I was outside. And it was just a drop. Emmy apologized to Cathy, who was very nice. Cathy makes beautiful portraits of dogs. Mom, you could ask her to paint my portrait, to make up for my little faux pas. (Look at moi, speaking French!)

I met shepherds, terriers, other poodles, and lots more down at the Courthouse. See the Shar-Pei mix with the scar on his back? His former owners tied him outside and he got a terrible sunburn. He nearly died, but was rescued on Animal Cops, Phoenix. I love that show, Mom! He and his new owner are both happy.

Emmy made me stand next to a Scary Mountain Man so she could take my picture. I don't know why. She got carried away with her camera. I don't want to sound conceited, but I wonder if it was because I'm such an attractive representative of my species?

A man in a blue dress was waving his hands and staring at the trees. Was he practicing Tai Chi or was he a Scary Blue Dress Man? I hope it was Tai Chi, because I followed along for a while. I didn't feel spiritual afterward, but I didn't feel any worse.

Emmy bought a raffle ticket for an Olen J. Miller saddle. She couldn't resist that king size palomino-leather saddle. She has to wait till the Cowboy Poets Gathering to see if she won. Don't wish her luck, Mom. That saddle was huge! I don't think Emmy could pick it up, let alone sling it over a horse.

Across the street the Chamber of Commerce held the 21st Annual Off Street Festival. They had the best smelling food ever: donuts heaped with powdered sugar, juicy hot dogs, cotton candy, corn chips with drippy cheese, and I don't know what. I did my duty as a citizen and snagged every morsel that landed on the ground. Don't blame Emmy, Mom. She tried to stop me but I was too fast. And guess what? My tummy was fine! Fine! Fine!

Seriously, we should reconsider our food policy.